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By jhungerford ·
I just read your article on RAID systems. Do you foresee a replacement for tape drives as the most common means to backup data contained on hard drives? Products such as the SNAP Server offer reliable storage for backups but lack the speed that tape still offers. What are your opinions?

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Advantages of removeable media

by timwalsh In reply to Backup Options

The problem with using another fixed HDD for backup purposes is that ALL HDDs will eventually fail (some just last longer than others).

The problem is this: the only "disaster" that is really taken into account by a Disaster Recovery Plan making use of such a backup scheme (hard drive to hard drive) is hard drive failure (or accidental data deletion). In case of a real "disaster" (fire, flood, theft, terrorist attack, earthquake, etc.), if your backup media is in the same place as the original data, how can you restore it. It has probably suffered the same fate as the original data (burned, buried, crushed, stolen, floated away, etc.). A TRUE disaster recovery plan will specify a backup plan that makes use of removeable media (tape, CD, DVD, removeable drives such as Zip or Jazz drives, etc.) and that once data is backed up, such removeable media is stored offsite (bank deposit boxes, or one of the many companys that specialize in data storage).

The question really isn't one of speed as much as it is of capacity, longevity, security, and availability (once disaster strikes).

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