Backup Power for a Small Server Room.

By eclopton ·
I have been tasked with researching a form of backup power for our server room. it contains 4 servers, nothing high end and a small AC unit which we more than likely will not be powering on the backup source. my questions are, 1 what would be the most efficient solution? 2 what are some other people using?

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Re: Backup Power for a Small Server Room

by gregory.petty In reply to Backup Power for a Small ...

The answer is actually a question. How long are you looking to run off of backup power? If you are looking for 15 minutes to allow you to gracefully shut down your servers, then APC makes a large line of battery backups. If you are researching a means to continue operations, even after the power is out, then there are several gas/diesel powered generators on the market.

Currently, we utilize a combination of solutions. We worked with our building management personnel to upgrade and tap into the generator power for our critical infrastructure pieces. The rest of our environment are utilizing APC battery backups and are managed by APC's PowerChute management suite. This automatically shuts servers down gracefully after power has been out for longer than 10 minutes.

In either case, you need to sit down with your CIO, CEO, etc, and perform a risk analysis. Does the cost of downtime outweigh the expense of a generator? Or, would battery backups be sufficient?

If you decide to go the batter backup route, one APC 2200 would most likely be sufficient, but you might want to step up to a 3000 in order to allow for scalability. If you need more time, or redundant backups, then go with 2.

Hope this helps you a bit.

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Consider Yes on Powering AC

by SmilingSheep In reply to Backup Power for a Small ...

We have a small server room (2 racks in approx 100 sq.ft.) and have a problem with the temperature rising 5+ degrees per minute. Central AC and non-opening windows prevent us from alternate cooling solutions. Our UPS power gives us just enough time to keep the room powered until excessive heat starts shutting down (not gracefully) the systems. When our building's power goes out, our upstream connection goes out, so its not useful to have more power than for a few minutes plus graceful shutdown.

In the world of CBA, how often and for how long is the power typically out? If the only expected outages will be less than X minutes, then plan to keep running for X + 5 minutes. X minutes to keep running and the last five for graceful shutdown if the power is not restored. Get UPS capactiy to handle server and AC power for about 1.5 of what you calculate. Adding a server and battery aging will drop the original number over time.

Oh yeah, don't forget to test it once you have implemented it.

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