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    backup question


    by norehca ·

    i have 2 hard drives. both 160gb (which is actually 150/total of 300gb). on the first ha drive i have xp pro for my gaming. on the second i have xp pro x64 for 64bit apps/games and a backup partition. The backup partition is 70gb.

    My first plan was put an XP backup on the x64 drive, and vice versa. That way if my XP drive failed, id have the backup and vice versa. Of course if both failed which is unlikely then id be screwed anyway so. Do you think i should do this or have one partition for backup. I put it on the second hard drive because i don’t use x64 as much and wont until they start coming out with 64bit apps/games.

    I did have 2 partitions at first, but i realized windows can only back up both drives at once. But after installing nero i realize it has a backup app and so im using that now and it will allow me to backup individual partitions. So now im asking if i should just use one or two partitions to backup each hard drive. Thanks much for help! 🙂

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