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Backup Schedule

By kevin203 ·
I wonder how to schedule my data server backup in Window 2000 Server?

Currently i place my schedule as follow:
Mon-data - Full backup
Tue-data - Differential
Wed-data - Differential
Thur-data - Differential
Fri-data - Differential
Sat-data - Differential

Any idea to make this schedule looks easy to restore?

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Backup Question

by BFilmFan In reply to Backup Schedule

Is it a member server or a domain controller?

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by kevin203 In reply to Backup Question

Its a DC... and what i backup are documents and application data from all department.

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If you re-use the media

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to

You could lose all the incrementals that on it. If you keep full and incrementals on one set of media you could lose everything. A cost/benefit or risk analyis would probably indicate that having more than one set will be worthwhile.
My point about restoring was until you've proven you can restore effectively, you haven't backedup anything, you've just possibly copied possibly everything you may possibly need to some possibly readable media.
Not only should you backup at regular intervals, you should also restore to make sure you have backed up, it's the only proof.

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but be careful

by dubdays In reply to If you re-use the media

You'd better restore to a non-production machine before you try it on the real-deal!

Yeah, I know I'm an idiot. Sorry.

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Actually that's far from stupid

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to but be careful

After all a restore can easily go partially wrong, leaving you completely paddleless. No current system and nothing backed up. A straight image before you start experimenting is a good idea, it also simplifies the process of testing if you can restore to a known state to test the next iteration of your back up procedure.

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Well unti you've tried

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Backup Schedule

it you won't know you've backed up at all. If you are using distributed models there might be more to do than this one machine.
Worse case is a failure between Sauturday and Monday, you are going to have to restore the oprevious full back up and and each on the intervening incrementals. The ony way to reduce that is to do more full back ups.
I'm also presuming you rotate the weeklies round as well, sometimes it can take a long time for an error to show.
One standard format is to have fortnightly and monthly backups (at least two months) available. However this depends on the number of changes and the nature of the data. Being able to revert a database to last month to rescue it means you lose a months work and in a high transaction environment that would be extremely unpopular.

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by kevin203 In reply to Well unti you've tried

Restore is not a problem cause i just need to restore the Monday full backup and the latest differential backup, thats all.

I only confuse that do i need to change the backup media everyday in the morning? If dun the backup job name is different from Mon to Sat.

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He said differential

by hmarks In reply to Well unti you've tried

He doesn't need to restore all the inrementail backuips becasue he doesn't make incrementials he makes differentials which in the language of NT Backup and backup exec mean all files changed since last FULL backup.

DR restore is full then last differential.

Note other applications (Including Veritas's own Netbackup) reverse these meanings.

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So I've recently gathered

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to He said differential

Great jargon isn't it, not soley reserved for confusing the non-technical.

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I've seen worse. Restore will be painful.

by Hockeyist In reply to Backup Schedule

How about reading the manual.
The backup software that you are using should come with a manual which explains the pro's and con's of commomly used backup schemes. If the backup software that you are using is one of the mainstream ones then software should be able to create a backup set and schedule for you depending on your companys requirements. RTFM.

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