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    Backup slow/hangs in one folder


    by chris.riley ·

    Backup Exec 7.3 for NT backs up data sitting on a NW6 SP1 server.

    When it starts backing up a folder containing 5074 files the backup rate
    drops right down to around 2mb/min (it was around 100mb/min) and takes
    forever to backup – we end up aborting the job. I have done a few tests
    and we have another folder that has over 8000 files in and that backs up

    I have checked TIDs 10021744 and 10023910 and changed the following
    without success:

    Dir Cache Allocation Time = was 2.2 sec changed to 0.1 sec
    Dir Cache Buffer Non Referenced Delay = was 5.5 sec changed to 60min
    Max Dir Cache Buffers = was 500 changed to 20000
    Min Dir Cache Buffers = was 150 changed to 10000

    Do these look ok and is there anything else I can try?


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      Reply To: Backup slow/hangs in one folder

      by pgm554 ·

      In reply to Backup slow/hangs in one folder

      The last time I looked ,7.3 was not a supported platform for backing up a NW6 box.
      The questions that come to mind are:
      1.Pure ip?
      2.NSS volumes?
      3.Any particular file?
      If it is,any one in particular ,is it compressed(zip) or a database file that is locked open?What size?
      4.Are you using an Open File Option?

      Novell and its TSA’s change almost weekly.These can cause a great deal of compatilbilty issues.

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        Reply To: Backup slow/hangs in one folder

        by chris.riley ·

        In reply to Reply To: Backup slow/hangs in one folder

        Thanks for your comments. In answer to your questions:

        1) Yes, it is pure ip
        2) The volume in question is traditional
        3) No particular file (I have moved files in and out of the folder). It just seems to get to a certain stage and then just slow right down and hang.
        4) We are using the ‘Yes, with a lock’ option for Open File Option.

        All the files in the folder are Word docs ranging between 20-200kb. Nothing has changed on this server and up until about a week ago we didn’t have this problem.

        Any other ideas?

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      Reply To: Backup slow/hangs in one folder

      by pgm554 ·

      In reply to Backup slow/hangs in one folder

      I would look at running a vrepair on the volume to check for corruption.
      What version of the remote agent for Netware are you running?(ie beremote.nlm and bkupexec.nlm)

      7.3 is defiantly not supported(and long since discontinued) in a pure ip env fow NW5.x and above.

      I have had issues with the stuff that is supported ,let alone the old unsupported stuff.

      BE 8 build 3315 is minimum for pure ip.


      If all else fails ,try using ipx.

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      Reply To: Backup slow/hangs in one folder

      by luis_a_delgado ·

      In reply to Backup slow/hangs in one folder

      We have a folder that causes the server to hang at 29% utilization. You could try dismounting the volumes and doing a vrepair. Then do an advanced dsrepair and repair the local database.
      If you enable logging, you can view what file is hanging the server after it bombs and then delete it, fix it .etc…

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