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Backup Software for Remote Laptops

By ndhiman ·
I am looking for some ideas on how to backup up info on our laptops to the network that are assigned to some company execs and they connect using VPN. I am talking about backing up over 1-2 GB of data everyday from each laptop. Any Ideas except using external hard drives??

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by gary.cole In reply to Backup Software for Remot ...

Hi there

We use a product from Veritas called Netbackup Pro for this purpose. The beauty of this product is that it will only backup data changes, so as long as you can get the machines directly connected to the network for the first backup, then only changes are backed up across your VPN which is most cases is fairly small amounts of data. Also, we set ours to backup every hour when the machones are connected, so again the amount of data backed up at any time is small.

It works well for us.

Hope this helps.

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by zlitocook In reply to Backup Software for Remot ...

The simplest way to do this of course the hardest, use two partitions. Backup exec. or any good back up software and you do not need to back up the whole drive. Just what is not the O/S, programs ect. Install every thing make sure it all works, create an image CD, DVD, then add their documents, outlook ect. Install the back up software; tell it to back up to the second partition. Use only the selected from the second install with backup only what has changed.
When they are back in the office tell them that they have to sync with the server to keep their back up up to date.
Have their profiles, my documents, outlook ect. Automatically update and synchronize when on the network. This will give a full back up on the server and will be on the back up tapes. The image CD will allow you to reinstall fast, and the second partition will let you link them back to what they need. If the whole drive gets hosed then you have the back up from the server. They may loose what they have done on the road but you have saved a lot on the server back ups.

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by wellmax1.maxwell In reply to Backup Software for Remot ...

Make the file Available offline and allow them to cache anytime the laptops are connected to the network

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Druvaa inSync - Remote Laptop Backup

by pauljacobs In reply to Backup Software for Remot ...

You might want to take a look at -

It uses data de-duplication to save single copy of duplicate content and claims to make 1:10 improvements to backup speed and bandwidth/storage reductions.

client triggered architecture for security and scalability.

Whitepaper -

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Our Solution for Laptop Backups

by janperry8521574 In reply to Backup Software for Remot ...

We have settled on Druvaa, they have a good demo video at

There are other programs and companies such as EMC Avamar available but their systems do not offer the same protections. Compared to other systems, Druvaa InSync is much more efficient at backing up data with 90% reduction of bandwidth and storage utilization. The system also features Druvaa Eternity which is a feature that maintains timelines based on versions of files, giving us an option to restore a document from any point in time over the past year.

Watch the video it goes into greater detail but we are very happy with our decision.

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