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    Backup Software Options


    by aspiring_one ·

    We have an NT 4.0 network and run ArcServe IT 6.5 for backups. I looked into getting the open file agent because the backups run incompletely as a result of the catalog files that the IIS service keeps open for indexing, users still working late atnight, etc.

    It turns out that the open file agent is $795 per server and we require quite a few of these. I also found out that we need a completely different open file agent for our Oracle, SQL, and Exchange servers. So, basically what I am saying is Comp. Assoc. is killing us in the cost of add-ons.

    Does anyone know of a reputable & more cost-effective backup product that comes with everything that we need right out of the box (i.e., disaster recovery option, all open file agents needed, etc.) without us having to pay more money? I looked at Veritus Backup Exec, which was endorsed by Microsoft as the product that they are completely standardized on, however they appear to price in the same way that Computer Associates does.

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      Backup Software Options

      by avidetto ·

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      Check out Norton, For example, Backup with Ghost, this is a picture of your system, store on a drive, if you need a restore, you reghost..Norton may have the packages your looking for..assuming you already have the backup storage space. Good Luck-al

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      Backup Software Options

      by mckaytech ·

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      As you’ve discovered, backup pricing is based on the assumed value of your data and it doesn’t come cheap.

      However, for particular products, there are workarounds. For example, the NT Backup included with Exchange Server will back up the Exchange Information Store while it is still working. And for SQL Server, you can do a database dump and then pick up the dump file on your tape. Another group within my organization is going to be doing something similar with Oracle.

      But the integrated backup products do come with advantages (like the ability to restore individual mailboxes to Exchange) and once you get over the initial sticker shock, and have done a few recoveries, it will probably seem like it was worth it.


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      Backup Software Options

      by ron navon ·

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      Dear Sir,

      I am copelitely agree with paul.
      good luck.

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      Backup Software Options

      by mcrowley ·

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      The best way I’ve managed to cut costs in this arena is by buying either BackupExec or Arcserve with the Multi-server options, setting up one server as my main backup server with a large tape drive or changer, and then backing up everything from onemachine. You say you “require quite a few of these”, so I’m thinking you have several servers. If they’re all in the same physical place, or at least linked by a 10Mbps or 100Mbps connection, this is very feasible. Then you only have to buy one copy of the software, with all of the add-ons, and one large tape drive. Then the only thing you have to watch out for is the backup window. I do recommend BackupExec or Arcserve, as they save in the long run, with the convenient backup scheduling and restoring ability they give you.

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