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By Fuznutz04 ·
I just landed a job as a Network admin for a medium size company. Currently, their backup plan is backing up critical files to a external hard drive via a robocopy batch file. I am looking to get a proper backup plan in place. I will be using Backup Exec 12 as the software. We have 6 servers to backup; 2 physical and 4 virtual. One physical server is hosting the 4 virtual servers. One of the virtual servers is Exchange. My backup plan needs to incorporate some offsite storage, so i am leaning towards a tape backup. Here is what I thinking:

1. Use one server that is dedicated as the backup server, and install agents on all the other servers.
2. Backup all servers to the external hard drives on the "backup server."
3. Once the backup to disk is complete, then backup the data that is on the backup server, to a large tape. (LTO-3 or LTO-4?) I currently have about 460 GB to backup.

What are your thoughts on this plan? What would you do different? Do you see any flaws in my plan? Is there a less expensive option to an LTO drive?

Thank you!!

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You can do this with USB drives.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Backup Solutions

FAster and cheaper

Still doing the same except we're now rotating 8 drives to two off-site locations.

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# of HDs

by Fuznutz04 In reply to You can do this with USB ...

We will not have an off-site backup server, so we will just be using external hard drives most likely. How many would you recommend? We need to do a full backup, and incremental (or differential) we also should have a month end and a yearly backup. How many drives do you think?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to # of HDs

for the size, frequency, and desired retention period.

Our retention period is 6 months, and our full backup is done once a month, and takes less than 500 gig, so we have 6 disks. Between full backups we do nightly incrementals to two other disks, and a couple of spares, for a total of 10 disks.

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Removable hard drives

by sidekick In reply to Backup Solutions

They make removable hard drives that some use for backups. The slot you stick them in is a lot cheaper, but the media is more expensive as compared to tape.

I don't know if this a better solution for you as I have not looked into it much myself, but I thought I would throw that out there as something to consider.

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400-500 GIG is going to take a long time to backup to Tape

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Backup Solutions

Perhaps an Internal Removable HDD would be a faster alternative here unless you have some form of NAS available.

I would be using 1 TB Drives to allow room to grow the Data and then rotating them off site.

Backup EXE may work here but you need to be sure that in a Worst Case Scenario you can restore to new Hardware/OS if required. That is assuming that you need to get back up & running quickly after an Incident that requires the Hardware to be replaced so you grab a new Server and when it is unpacked it has a different OS loaded or that your current OS is not available.

TR has a Excellent Book called Administrators Guide to Disaster Planning & Recovery which it they use something you send to TROL OV you can get delivered for free very quickly. That would probably be a good starting point to work from.


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Backup EXE may work here

by Fuznutz04 In reply to 400-500 GIG is going to t ...

What do you mean "may work here?" What would you recommend?

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What I mean by May Work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Backup EXE may work here

Is that if you have to recover to a different OS it may not be suitable or even possible.

Whenever you setup any form of DR Plan you need to consider everything possible and Recovering to new or different Hardware and or OS's is one of those things that needs to be considered.

While it may suit your needs now it just as well may not in the long run.

As to what I would recommend I'm not sure here as I don't have the full details of what is involved and any Complacence Issues that may be involved and so on. I have recommended to some companies to backup Encrypted Data and to others to backup Plain Text.

Each case is suited to that individual Installation and what they have to work under in terms of Data Protection and so on.


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Removable hard drives

by Fuznutz04 In reply to What I mean by May Work

I am going with backup exec. I would like to have BU Exec (the main program) on the "backup server." The rest of the servers will have BU exec agents on them. The "backup server" will pull the data from all of the other servers, and put them on external disks. Now for the question:

What type of external disks should I go with, and how many? What procedure should I use for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,etc backups? If I go with external hard drives (the USB type, how many should I get and how should I rotate them? OR is there another option out there that I can use like the Buffalo tera-station?

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Instead of buying Off the Shelf External Drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Removable hard drives

I would suggest buying several enclosures like this one

Which can be used either as USB or ISATA and several Seagate SATA HDD's.

The Seagate Drives have a 5 Year Guarantee and work fairly well and the above Antec Case is actively cooled and offers far better protection tot he HDD's inside them that any other External Case I have yet used.

The fact that is is faster than USB doesn't hurt one little bit either and this enclosure comes with the Leads and associated bits to fit to the Computer and the Back Panel to enable the ISATA Data Transfers.


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Good idea...

by Fuznutz04 In reply to Instead of buying Off the ...

How many would you suggest? I want daily incrementals, weekly fulls, and a monthly full. I want at least one full backup off-site at all times.

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