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    Backup Tape Question


    by mthao ·

    I am currently using a Dell PowerVault 110T with a DLT IV data cartridge 40-80GB tape using Veritas Backup Exec 8.6 on a Windows NT server. My question is:

    When I run backups, it does about 64GB, then starts asking for a second tape. Once I insert a second tape, it will continue until finished. The finished number of bytes backed up is 69GB. Because the tape can hold ~80GB compressed, why should I need to put in a second tape if it is only using 69GB? Overwrite is on and append is not selected.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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      by oz_media ·

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      Run a volume check on the tape, it should list all contents. Doe it perhaps have a partial protected backup on it by chance that is not overwritten?

      Do you have the correct hardware and drivers installed? I’ve seen this when the wrong drive and drivers were installed too.

      Have you checked the drive pool? YOu may want to delete and recreate it while ensuring the correct drivers and drive is selected, check drive size isn’t set to 60GB, or that a 60GB drive isn’t selected.

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      by dennis.rhine ·

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      These tapes are 40 GB and can store up to 80 GB with compression. Becuase compression is almost never 2:1 you will almost always get something less that the ‘maximum’ storage capacity.

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