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Backup tapes

By sidvail ·
Strange question, but......

Does anyone know how long an average backup tape should last? I have a friend who is using Imation's MAGNUS 1.2 backup tapes and they are only lasting for about 75 uses. Is this normal? She swears that she has had them last for twice that in the past, but all recent tapes wear out after less than 100 uses.

Thanks in advance.

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Commonly rated for two years/104 uses

by house In reply to Backup tapes

Backup tapes usually have a lifespan of 2 years. It is a good rule of thumb to replace them every two years.

This is based on the fact that a different tape would be used for each day of the week regarding a differential or incremental backup, while a steady rotation would exist in a few other tapes for your weekly full backups.

52 weeks in a year x 2 years = rated for 104 uses.

I have noticed though that quality has been slipping lately. Not only in tapes, but in all aspects of technology.

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