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Backup-to-disk Plan

By per ·
Dear Everyone
I am planning a new backup strategy of our 10 windows servers to disk. The servers are running in VMware and the backupserver is a separate physical server in a different location with plenty of disk and BackupExec12. I have installed BackupExec Agents on the windows servers to be backed up.
Some of you might say, where is the tape? The answer is; I have skipped it. Right or wrong.

How can I plan the backups to have a safe recovery plan for my servers?

My initial plan was:
Daily incremental, Save for 10 days
Weekly Full, Save for 6 weeks
Monthly full, Save for 18 months
Yearly Full, Save forever

Is this a good plan? Or do you have another succestion? Please let me now!

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Not a bad idea but. .

by shawiws In reply to Backup-to-disk Plan

I would plan one server as a staging area for backups and then follow it with offsite backups by sending the backup job accross a WAN link at night (if possible) or by USB drives. The goal being that you have two backups - one locally and another at a different site.

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