Bad? advice from Mcafee on replacing two .msi files?

By teocuitlatl ·
Hello--I recently had to rebuild an XP Home edition PC due to a failing
C drive. I got everything off in time except that Outlook's pst file was
missing most of in-box e-mails even after being repaired--but that
is another story. Hundreds of other -emails and the address book
came out OK.

In case anyone has tried a fresh XP install recently, it really can't be
done using a service pack 1A disk like I had or even a slipstreamed
SP2 disk--at least not on my system which went into a continuous
Win XP fatal error reboot cycle. . I was able to create a slipstreamed
SP3 disk that went in very well and produced a stable system.

HOWEVER, while trying to install/settle down Mcafee Security Center
and Virus Scan, I had to take their advice, as follows:

"Install MSXML versions 3 and 4, then install the McAfee suite:
Download and install MSXML version 3 (MSXML3.msi only).
Restart the computer.
Download and install MSXML version 4 (MSXML.msi only).
Restart the computer.
Install the McAfee Consumer 2007 Products.
Restart the computer. "

This actually worked, but I noticed two things:

When MSXML3.msi went in, the computer cautioned me to put in my
XP disk so it reverse the change I had just made because the
MSXML3.msi file was too old. I did not take this advice because that
was part of the McAfee fix--drinking the Koolaid, so to speak.

Anyway, if my computer has a problem, it will almost always be XML

So, the question is: how do I get the newest version of MSXML3.msi
back on my computer?

Fortunately, I can back up a disk image of the entire disk using
ACRONIS before making changes, so let me know what to try and I'll
give it a go.

And yes, I am just about to toss McAfee off all my computers---very
troublesome. Any votes for best anti-virus?

Many thanks

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Additional Information

by teocuitlatl In reply to Bad? advice from Mcafee o ...

I backtracked the McAfee link into Microsoft's site, and I
Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 7 (SP7)

This appears to me to be the latest edition, so maybe I
have the latest edition installed in spite of what my
system said?

Another Microsoft Mystery.

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The Return of Mr. Stupid--I take it all back--"Never Mind"

by teocuitlatl In reply to Additional Information

I ran memtest86 on the box and found a bad kingston
500mb stick. took it out--things are going better. Sorry
Mcafee, but to heck with you Kingston. My 256mb Ultra stick
held up better than yours....

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Drop McAfee, get AVG

by rovoco In reply to Bad? advice from Mcafee o ...

About 10 years ago, McAfee made a good product and supported it well. Currently,
I would not recommend McAfee. I have had very good success with Grisoft's AVG, both the AVG Free 8.0 version and the full suite. AVG has a very small system load and has been very effective in keeping all my clinet's systems free of nasties.

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For me to get the biggest bang for the buck with AVG

by OnTheRopes In reply to Drop McAfee, get AVG

I had to disable the link scanner. It slowed everything down. I think that's good advice to do that.

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