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Bad Boss

By tdeast ·
I was let go from a job after 5 years wuth no explaination from a very verbal and mentally abusive boss. He would not even provide me with a legit reason for termination. Since then he has done everything he can to prevent me from getting another job due to i beleive giving..bad references. I cant really prove it though since employers do not divuldge this info. What can I do. I was an excellent IS Manager who needs to gt back to work.

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I would have

by maecuff In reply to Bad Boss

a friend pose as a prospective employer and call for a reference to find out what is being said. If you find that they are trying to prevent you from getting another job, call an attorney.

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Legal reason

by JamesRL In reply to Bad Boss

The only thing you have to state in terms of termination is what is in the document that you would have receieved in order to claim any unemployment insurance. If they laid you off, then they don't have to give any details, if you were "fired" they must provide the reason.

Many employers, mine included, are very restrained in what they can say. My employer will only confirm the dates of employment, title and salary.

I have heard of companies that will do reference checks for you, and give you a detailled report.


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Don't use this guy as a reference

by tfitzpatrick In reply to Bad Boss

Unless you are in a situtation where this guy is your only reference, don't use him. Choose somebody else from the company that you did get along with. Even if that person was not a direct report, as long as they can constructively comment on your work, then they qualify as a reference.

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