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Bad Day for CUBS fans

By maxwell edison ·
What should happen to the Cubs fan (is he really a fan?) who interfered with Moises Alou attempting to catch a foul ball that WOULD HAVE been an out and, most likely, sent the Chicago Cubs to the World Series for the first time since 1945?

Can the Chicago Cubs overcome the "CURSE"?

Would you have tried to catch that ball?

What happened, you may ask?

Five outs to go. Wrigley Field crowd on its feet. World Series within their grasp. Then, it was almost as if the baseball gods woke up and realized these were the Chicago Cubs. Those lovable losers blew it again thanks in part to - of all things - one of their own fans.

In a stunning eighth-inning turnaround, the Florida Marlins took advantage of left fielder Moises Alou's run-in with a fan on a foul fly and an error by shortstop Alex Gonzalez to score eight runs in an 8-3 victory Tuesday night, forcing the NL championship series to a Game 7.


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I'm glad it wasn't me!

by Cactus Pete In reply to Bad Day for CUBS fans

One of the first shots of the fan after the incident showed that security had huffed it down to where the guy sat. Good thing. I can only imagine how many people now wish to cause that man serious harm. It won't **** over unless the Cubbies win game 7. Even then, they'll have to do well in at least the first game of the WS, or they may blame having to play an extra game and tiring out the team on that guy.

The cover page of the Chicago Tribune has a picture of the scene... It almost begs out, "Do you recognize this man?"

The whole thing was bad luck, and even then - on the edge.

Was it fan interference? Only if the ball was not in the stands. In the many replays, you could see that the position of the ball at the point of impact was immediately over the railing. Of course, it was aimed for the stands, and ultimately struck the concrete wall just inside the rail. It was clear that, had the fan's hand not been in the way, the ball would have landed well enough within the glove.

Would it have stayed there, given that the railing could have popped the ball out when the glove hit it?

I don't think many people would NOT hav etried for the ball. One fan was pretty much squeezed out right there [also in the front page picture] and was actually retracting from the mobish rush, but the fan who touched the ball wasn't the only one trying... People seated a couple of rows away had also moved to try to get into position for it...

Where should blame lie? In the rules themselves? Squarely on the architect [for putting the fans too close to play]? With Alou for not jumping enough? With Dusty, for not replacing Prior soon enough [and giving the subsequent pitchers enough warmup]?

Maybe it was the one fan. No, not the one who touched the ball! The one who actually watched the game!!

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Something I forgot

by Cactus Pete In reply to I'm glad it wasn't me! the fan's defense.

When looking at the ball coming pretty much right at you the whole time, and having the crowd yell and scream during all of it, I doubt the fan knew that he has about to touch hand to glove with a player.

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For the sake of that guy. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm glad it wasn't me!

...I sure hope the Cubs win game 7.

(For all the other Cubs fans as well, of course.)

I'm rooting for them.

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by maecuff In reply to For the sake of that guy. ...

My husband's grandfather died this past Spring. He was wore a Cubs tie and hat to be buried in. He had been a Cubs fan for a kajillion years. My husband has been following the Cubs this season and can't believe how they're doing. It seems to make him both happy and sad. I really hope some sort of afterlife exists and Grandpa got to catch some of the games.

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yes and no

by wordworker In reply to Bad Day for CUBS fans

Yes the Cubbies CAN overcome the curse! (I hope)
No I would not have tried to catch it.

From what I've seen of pictures and replays, the fan definitely interfered with the player's attempt to get the out. I mean, it's an out if they catch it, even if it's "in the stands" when they catch it? I think the ump's call could have gone the other way, though it was a close and tough call. Go CUBS!

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Over fence....score

by jkaras In reply to yes and no

Baseball is one of the few sports that allow a player to cheat the plain of the scoring zone. My feeling is this if it crosses the plain its good, score. It was a cream puff pitch that the batter shouldnt of been able to hit. That ball was over the fence and whether or not a guy can jump high enough to snag it from scoring is an allowable cheat to me. The rules need to be remanded so it is not an arguement. The Cubs lost that game themselves, not the fan. They had a chance to recapture the 8 runs they gave up, and they did just that they quit and excepted defeat. I watched that game in amazment hoping to see history made only to see a classic implosion like the Bucs on Monday night football. Even though I live in Florida I'm pullin for the ole Cubbies.
I feel for that guy who like another post pointed out, he wasnt alone, just happened to get his hand on it. That poor fellow is going to be the most hated person in Chicago with his picture plastered on every newspaper. Hello therapy!!! Either he will be killed or he'll commit suicide. I can imagine being him at work, I'm sure someone set his wallpaper to the infamous picture. I hope he's married cause the chances of him gettin action in that town is gone.

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by jkaras In reply to Over fence....score

I almost forgot, the only person who is happy that he got replaced as the most infamous ridiculed person is the JediKid!!!! I'm sure he's dancing a jig in private somewhere as we speak.

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Right - and the pope will live another 100 years

by JimHM In reply to yes and no

No you wouldn't of reached up and went for the ball -with the other 10 fans around you all going after it... Even the Player said that the fan did not - I repeat DID NOT interfer with him ... he was reaching over the wall to get the ball ... and that is Fan turf..

You Cubbie fans - god you lost - period - bad pitching - bad fielding - bad base running - bad stealing - bad - bad - bad -

To blame the loss on one fan is childish - and 1500's mentality ... He's a JINX...

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I couldn't believe it....

by Joseph Moore In reply to Bad Day for CUBS fans

First off, I live in Chicago. Been here since 1999. I really didn't proclaim an allegiance to either the Cubs or the White Sox until last year, when I decided to pick the Sox.
So, seeing the Cubs get this far is bittersweet. I am not anti-Cubs, and I have been watching their playoff games.
So last night, I was at work, but I had the game up on the one system we have with a TV tuner card.

I watched as the Cubs went into the 8th inning with their 3-0 lead.

Then the Marlins had a man on 2nd, but I thought that Mark Pryor was still the MAN. Yes, he was at the 110+ pitch count by this time, but he is strong. He can fix this.

Then the fan did NOT (apparently!) commit the "fan interfearance". I watched on the monitor Moises Alou jump up, reach out with his glove, and be just inches from catching that foul ball. It would have been 2 outs, with Pudge coming up next (if I remember the details correctly).
And that fan! That FAN! What was he doing???? What was wrong with him, with his headphones on and looking like Jarod from the Subway commercials!

Come on! Move back, get out of the way, and let the player make the play! Everyone knows that!

Do I think the guy should be banned from Wrigley for life, as I heard it suggested on the Chicago talk radio stations ESPN1000AM and 670 The Score AM? No, that is ridiculous.
Was it wise for security to "escort" the fan out of the ballpark? Definately yes.

Then today, was it right that the Tribune published the fan's name? No, definately not.

Should this fan be in a Southwest commercial, the "just want to get away" commercials? Yep. It would be pretty funny.

Will the Cubs come back tonight, with Wood pitching? I think so. It is all up to Dusty Baker. He is the reason the Cubs are even here at this point. He has managed to get the club this far.

It all depends on if Dusty can rally the team today. Kerry Wood will be fine.

If the team does win, then Dusty should definately be manager of the year.

Anyway, I will be watching on the monitor tonight.

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The Tribune Published his Name????

by maxwell edison In reply to I couldn't believe it....

Wow, that guy better move - to South America.

Southwest commercial - that was funny.

Go Cubs!

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