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Bad Job Market- So many training for it!

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Is it just me or is everyone else getting tons of calls, people showing up without calling first or sending in resumes, many of which are people fresh with certs and no experience? This is getting really crazy around here. We haven't even posted anyjobs for a long time.

What is even stranger to me right now is that almost all my professional IT friends are either A) not happy in IT
B) Love IT but say you've got to LOVE it because the job is essentially way more stressful, difficult and tiring than many jobs (Which I would attest to as well)

A & B seem mostly to be dealing with people, budgets etc. and although I stop the "Dilbert" chat and the "L User" talk always, the obvious frustration levels surrounding the people we work for on both ends of the spectrum sometimes make for some easy humor targets.

Anyway, IT work is generally not easy money nor is it something everyone can deal with long term, so then, why is it when I go to a family picnic I am almost a hero to people who want to get trained and work in a field where there are effectively not near enough jobs and the stress levels are high? I get the hobby/love thing, but many of these people can barely install a game and get it to work.... I just don't get it...

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Hope for the future

by bklynginsburg In reply to Bad Job Market- So many t ...

The reason that I decided to really go for the certs (MCSE, CCIE, etc)is the hope that the future of technology is just beginning. The job market will always fluctuate with Wall Streets whims but the development of new technologies will keep growing. There are close to 7 Billion people on this planet and roughly 4000 CCIE's. I plan to make it 4001.

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At least they are training!

by EBS Quesnel In reply to Bad Job Market- So many t ...

I agree with what you are saying. I would like to add that in a "service" related job market, it is more common to hear about the guys who struck it rich by being hired by that plum agency to work with the best of the best for the most $ - when reality is that 99% are working 10hr days and constantly pushing to stay current. In my primary field (accounting)EVERYBODY and ANYBODY can do income tax - just pick up Quick Tax and you're all done. No training, testing, certifying or even verifying if the individual can read!
Awe well - back to my computer that always appreciates me!

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