Bad LCD?

By dinkey ·
I've got a Inspiron 1545 laptop I'm working on. Looked to be just a simple LCD swap as he cracked the old one. Got in the new LCD and cannot get any video to the new LCD. I hookup external monitor and can see windows boot up and work just fine. but try to go back to the new LCD I get nothing. I changed the video cable wih a new one also and still have the same problem. This PC doesn't look to have any inverter to change so what should I do next? Any suggestions? Thank you for you help in advance.

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For a second there,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Bad LCD?

I thought your question was "Bad LSD?"...hehe, I was going to answer "Don't take the
brown acid!"...but I put my glasses back on! Anyway, what it sounds to be is a fault
on the motherboard somewhere at the cable connector. It might be something you
could repair with a bit of solder...remove the cable again, and check the motherboard
for any loose solder or cracks around the connection.

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Inspiron 1545

by Merlin the Wiz In reply to Bad LCD?

Turn the computer Off.
When you power on press the F key that allows you into the BIOS, Then check the Default Display. Some of the Dell's I have played with revert to External Display without any other indication.

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Assuming the new part is good...

by robo_dev In reply to Bad LCD?

Is the backlight coming on at all?

Regardless of whether or not the display is good, the backlight should come on.

Look for a lid close switch, and make sure it's not stuck shut!

Check and re-seat cables and look VERY carefully for cable damage, bent pins, and make 100% sure any ribbon cables are seated ALL the way.

Shine a VERY bright light at the screen...if you can see something, then you have working display but failed backlight.

Some displays hide the inverter board in the base of the lower front bezel, then feed it power through one of the wimpy little wires going from the mobo to the display. These are very fragile and can break and if there is a short they will scorch and fuse very easy.

Others have the inverter board in the base above the mobo, which is better, because you are then running less current but LOTs more voltage over that fragile ribbon cable or bundle of fragile wires..


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Bad LCD and Motherboard

by dinkey In reply to Bad LCD?

Well, just wanted to update on this laptop. FINALLY got it straightened out. First off the LCD i got was bad, had another laptop to work on later that week and it would not work with that one. Finally got one a new LCD that did work. but it was still showing only a faint image on the screen. These laptops do not have an inverter that you can replace like the older ones. After researching the problem some more I found that there is a small fuse nearby the video connector on the motherboard label F1 that had gone bad. I went ahead and replaced the motherboard everything works great. Thank you all for the advice

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