Bad Motherboard?

By DiemL123 ·
WinXP - when you plug it in, it immediately comes on, no pushing the power button to start. Both fans run, power button lights up, LED flashes yellow once or twice and goes dark. No beeps from MB. Screen never changes from black. Cannot get to BIOS, safe mode, etc.
Have tried: Took out the hd and slaved to another machine, copied all documents and reformatted. Hd now works in another tower.
Blew out dust from tower & motherboard, checked and reseated RAM and CMOS connections. Removed CMOS battery for 10 minutes.
I believe the MB has gone bad, but would like to know for sure that it's not something easily fixable. Any suggestions?

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PSU or Motherboard

by willcomp In reply to Bad Motherboard?

It's most likely either the power supply (PSU) or motherboard. I'd try another PSU before replacing the motherboard. You can "borrow" one from another PC for testing. Disconnect all drives and external devices except keyboard and monitor and and remove all cards except video card before testing.

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PSU was the problem

by DiemL123 In reply to PSU or Motherboard

Thanks! it fired right up with a new PSU. I hadn't considered that a possible problem as the fans and lights were active. Appreciate it!

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You're Welcome

by willcomp In reply to PSU was the problem

Glad to help and impart knowledge :)

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