Bad partitioning and big drives cont...

By jeffreyj ·

I did exaclty as described in this post. I was following a manual I bought and it recommended 4GB for the OS my problem now is I am low on disk space. Does anyone have any quick answers on how to rectify this? I have plenty of free disk space to use as this server is only for Active directory I have a seperate server for Data.

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You can repartition...

by TechExec2 In reply to Bad partitioning and big ...

You can repartition your hard drive with Partition Magic (1). With this program, you can resize and move partitions dynamically on the disk. In your case, you can reduce the size of the partition to the "right" of the "C" boot partition, then move that partition to the "right" to make room, then enlarge the "C" boot partition using the free space you created.

Caution: Of course, always have a backup available if something goes wrong while the program is making the changes.

(1) Partition Magic

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by jeffreyj In reply to You can repartition...


Thanks for the quick response. I am running windows server 2003 and I don't think this product is compatible. Any other ideas.

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I think you are correct

by TechExec2 In reply to Compatibility

I think you are correct. On a second look, Partition Magic will not run on Windows Server 2003. Acronis Disk Director seems to have the same limitation.

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Another disk repartitioning system

by stress junkie In reply to You can repartition...

You could use software called System Rescue CD. This is a bootable CD so you can change your partitions without running the operating system from one of the partitions that you are changing, or even from the disk that you are changing. Booting a different media is always a good idea when you are changing the disk configuration.

Here is the on line manual.

This is what you would do.

Download the ISO image.
Burn it onto a CD.
Boot the CD.
Select a frame buffer setting while the CD is booting.
Run the program named run_qtparted.

This will start a GUI based program to repartition your disk partitions. There is another program to repartition a disk on the same System Rescue CD. It is called run_partgui. I haven't used that one. I like run_qtparted.

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