Bad Power Adaptor or something worse?

By sean.mumford ·
I recently replaced the power adaptor that came with my old laptop
(HP Pavilion zd8000), as it was old, got beaten up alot, and generally
not that safe anymore. I replaced it with a more modern and generic
version of it here (
LaptopAdapter/AHQ180A.html) and it worked fine for about a
month, though the fan seemed unusually loud to me.
This morning when I came into work I plugged up as usual and
turned on my computer. Windows started without issue but before I
had the chance to log in, the computer immediately powered down
and the light on the adaptor went dark. I checked all the connections,
the outlet the adaptor was plugged into, and even removed the case
and checked the outgoing and ingoing wires to make sure nothing
happened to them. So far I've had no luck, and I can't get my laptop
to receive power or the light on the power supply to come on. Any
idea what may be up? Thanks in advance for any help.
P.S. - My laptop immediately lost power because my battery went bad
some time ago and I had removed it.

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Bad Power Adapter

by tpac In reply to Bad Power Adaptor or some ...

As the title suggests, it sounds like the power supply went "belly up" so to speak. Have you tried plugging it into a different outlet? At any rate, the fact that you said the fan was "unusually loud" may be the clue as to why the Power supply shut down. It could be overheating...? Is there a fusible link inside the power supply? If a different outlet doesn't work I would put a multi-meter on the power supply to see if you are getting any voltage out of the business end. Chat back and let me know what you find out.

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