Bad PS/2-USB adapters?

By jbhiggins ·
I recently purchased a couple of PS/2-USB adapters that have caused me a lot of trouble.
They were originally to be used with a PS/2 KVM switch (the only kind I could lay my hands on, on short notice), with an older workstation and a new USB only box, both running WinXP Pro.
I set up the new PC, a Dell Optiplex, with a USB keyboard and mouse, connected directly. Everything worked fine. A couple of days later, I came back to set up the switch, using the adapters to connect it to the Optiplex. At that point, the PC wouldn't recognize the keyboard or the mouse.
I took the KVM out of the loop and tried connecting the PS/2 keyboard and mouse with the adapters, and the PC still didn't recognize them (Device Manager saw them as "unknown devices"). The PC was fine with USB keyboard and mouse connected directly.
My first thought was that the IOGear KVM was incompatible with something in the Optiplex. However, I later tried using the same adapters to connect a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to another USB-only box, and had the same results. In this case, I had previously used another set of adapters with complete success.
It seems pretty clear to me that the adapters are the culprits. Does anyone have any other thoughts? Has anyone seen anything similar?

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No not really I've seen heaps of problems with adaptors

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Bad PS/2-USB adapters?

The most obvious ones are the PS2 to the COMM Ports which you can buy a entire lot and find that only a couple work with one computer.

Or another time I sold a set of 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers to someone who was very abusive when he complained that they didn't work, so I got them back plugged them into a Sound Card and ran a test in which every speaker worked perfectly. It then came to light that he was using a 1 to 2 output adaptor for the Front & Rear Speakers but as this was new it couldn't be the problem and it had to be the speakers. I'm not quite sure how he worked that one out as the new speakers worked in front of him but when plugged into his computer with the New Adaptor they didn't work as the rear speakers didn't make any noise. I suggested that he try changing the front & Rear Leads and sure enough the front speakers where now dead but it couldn't be the adaptor so I just gave in and sent down a new adaptor that I had tested. Seems that he wanted to screw me out of one of these adaptors as he was unable to return the faulty one to who he brought it off.

I just try any adaptor and if it doesn't work Bin it and find another source of them as they are not worth the time & Effort mucking around with them.


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RE: Bad PS/2-USB adapters?

by mark.fugate In reply to Bad PS/2-USB adapters?

I use USB through PS2 KVM's and yes they can be a hassle. This is how I am able to get them to work.

First power down all connected machines and unplug them from the KVM. Then connect each machine, one at a time, and insert the mouse first, keyboard second and monitor third. Finally, start the first machine and bring it completely up. Repeat this for all remaining machines. You should only need to do this the very first time and after that you should be fine.

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