bad psu? bad mobo? or bad processor?

By terdfurgeson ·
I bought a new barebones kit, cpu cooler, and video card. I put all of it together without a problem at all. I started it up for the first time, it loaded through the BIOS, prompted me for a disk to install from, so I inserted by win xp64 disk in. (just loading xp64 to use win7 64 upgrade i got through school) After it read the disk, it went to the blue screen where it tells you it is loading all the blah blah blah.... then went black. Gave it a few minutes, and nothing, so i restarted it.

I can not get the monitor to show anything. No BIOS. all fans and drives spin up, no beeps, no video output.

I pulled everything back out, double checked it all, and reinserted it. Still nothing. What am I missing? all components are brand new. I stripped it down to mobo, psu, ram and hdd, still can not get video from the onboard output.

Please help me

mobo is Gigabyte M68MT-D3
CPU is AMD 1055t
Ram is OCZ DDR3 4gb stick
PSU is Eagle 550w
vid card is GeForce GTX 460

Processor cooled by a CM 212+ Hyper

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I'm not sure which M'Board you have here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to bad psu? bad mobo? or b ...

What is the Gigabyte Model Number? Gigabyte M68MT-D3 isn't being shown as a Gigabyte Product.

Also does the Video Card have a Auxiliary Power Connector on it and have you plugged in a Power Connector if it has one?

As for getting Video again I would suggest clearing the BIOS and checking the Video Lead as well as the monitor. It wouldn't be the first time that a Monitor/Lead had failed at the wrong time.

Also are there any Beeps coming from the M'Board when the System Post's? Those are a Code that will tell you what is wrong and this is listed in the M'Board Manual.

Have you tried laying the M'Board on a sheet of clean white paper and powering it that way? If so does it still not produce any Video? If it works like that check the fitting to the case and pay particular attention to the Stand Offs in the case. If you failed to remove one that's not under a hole in the M'Board that can cause problems.


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