Bad streaming,

By neil.hewitt6 ·
audio (Radio stations) okayish, but it cuts out regularly, sometimes comes back with an error, mostly reconects on its own.
Video, plays the audio segment but video hangs, it used to be ok, 6 weeks ago when I installed new system.

3.2 dual core, 1gb memory, 256mb graphics card, 320gb sata drive, XP Pro, AVG anti Malware, System Mechanic 6, all updated daily.

Why am I experiencing these problems?

Please help.

Neil Hewitt

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Offline content...

by Pringles86 In reply to Bad streaming,

Try deleting all of your offline content.

If you need help doing that, please let me know what browser you are using.

If that doesn't work, try resetting your modem. Turn the power off, wait a few seconds, then turn the power back on. I have had frequent slowdowns and that seems to correct the problem for a few days.

Also, what is your connection speed?

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Thanks for quick comeback

by neil.hewitt6 In reply to Offline content...

I have been an IT proffessional since my 20's, now 61! As most things in IT it aint quite as they tell it, and stuff moves on to quickly.
Offline content deleted. Router frequently reset, why don't more people complain?

Nothing seems to work as it has been sold.

I am supposed to get up to 8mbs per sec. I don't expect that. However I believe streaming video and audio ought to work uninterupted with my hardware configuration, or am I dreaming?
Thanks for your feedback.

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8 MB/s???

by Pringles86 In reply to Thanks for quick comeback

You shouldn't have a problem at that speed. I have a computer with a 1 meg line and it is usually flawless streaming video, as long as I am only doing one thing on the internet at a time.


Go to that site and find out what speeds you are actually getting. Don't use the internet while doing that test.

Do you have DSL or cable? Is it just your computer using the internet, or others in the house too? Wireless or wired?

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Streaming problem

by neil.hewitt6 In reply to 8 MB/s???

I think you may have it the nail on the head, The connection is DSL I have a wired network, there could be 5 users at anyone time, however even when just mine is connected I get jumpy video and audio drops some times.

I use the following links and get up to 5mbs.





Neil Hewitt

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Most streaming problems

by mjd420nova In reply to Bad streaming,

Most times I find that a program has gotten installed that routinely checks in with a web site. This can cause glitches and pauses in both audio and video streams. Check the task manager while running a stream and see what pops up in usage besides the streaming program. That should give you a clue, sometimes it's a virus checker or spamware looking for updates.

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by meridenscrafts In reply to Bad streaming,

short on ram memory. Do you have dialup
I have this problem when my internet is busy

It cuts out. Get wireless internet

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