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    Bad timing maybe?


    by Keith Pagett ·

    Is this the best time to be showing people how to program a timer on an android phone?
    People wanting to make timers could find it anywhere but maybe this wasn’t the most appropriate time to post it.

    Just a thought.

    Yall feel free to flame me.

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      Don’t use take offline

      by slayer_ ·

      In reply to Bad timing maybe?

      I am going to flame you for using take offline lol

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      You ask as if someone had already discussed it here.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Bad timing maybe?

      Are you referring to an existing discussion? You should have posted your reply as part of that discussion, or at least linked back to it.

      I’m not flaming your for your content, although I might turn the heat up a bit for your procedure.

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      Orphan post

      by gsg ·

      In reply to Bad timing maybe?

      There is an article out there about creating a timer for android, and it didn’t have any posts. I’m assuming that the OP didn’t scroll down to the bottom of the article to make his post and instead used “Start Discussion”.

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      The world still spins at 1070mph

      by aidemzo_adanac ·

      In reply to Bad timing maybe?

      I don’t condone the terrorism that the US has faced, I don’t condone the cowardly acts or terrorists in any way shape or form.

      However, I am from a country that saw continual terrorism for decades, and that doesn’t include Hitler’s part, and people have to keep moving forward every day. You don’t have to forget in order to move on with life.

      A timer for a phone is such a generic, it’s not like someone asking where to secure some uranium or whether to connect the blue or red wires first.

      A timer is an app. I suppose some people feel that it would be wrong to ask for input on what type of fertilizer to buy for your rose bushes too.

      Just yesterday, I has a US customer ask us to design some emergency response alarms for his workers in the oil fields. I went and bought 500 timer kits for my techs to engineer a solution that sends an alarm to the head office if a timer in a workers truck is not reset at specific intervals, meaning he’s left his job and returned to the truck safely. The guy at the electronics distributor didn’t seem too concerned but the news was on in the store showing the efforts to sort out what the hell happened in Boston.

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        good points

        by gsg ·

        In reply to The world still spins at 1070mph

        Before cell phones, timers were made from watches, alarm clocks, and lots of other things. The point is that the people that want to do this type of thing will find a way.

        Life has to go on.

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      by Keith Pagett ·

      In reply to Bad timing maybe?

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      Get Real….

      by danlovell ·

      In reply to Bad timing maybe?

      There was noting in his post that shows anyone how to make a bomb timer….geess!!!

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