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Bad weather and power outages

By zlitocook ·
We recently had a heat wave, a couple of bad storms and three or more tornados!
The power is out for allot of the metro area and it could take 5 to 7 days or more to fix it.
Our data centers backup generators kicked in but it only supplies power to the important parts of the building. No AC, emergency lights only last a day or so at best. We have redundant fiber coming in so we can switch if we need to. But the fiber was not affected.
So I was wondering what others have set up for emergencies. And what do you do if it's 102 out side and it will get hotter inside!
After the hurricanes, I don?t think most companies in the Midwest even worry about it.
Oh we still do not have power yet but a company here makes solar panels so I bought a few to run fans and a few lights.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Bad weather and power out ...

We use swamp coolers and lots of fans. Also the main server rooms are on a generator backup and we've devised a setup using a path of corridors and cetain rooms to funnel the cooler air throughout the rest of the rooms. The swamp coolers can only be used outside of the server area as the humidity goes up to over 75 percent and that wouldn't do the servers any good. Today we've reched over 108 degrees outside but have managed to keep the server area around 85 and the rest of the rooms below 90. Moving air will help the people keep cool, but doesn't help the equipment much. Damp towels and water is required by all workers with access to a fan and a place to sit. I've lost control of my sweating twice today already, and had to hose down in front of a fan to get my temperature under control. I've even went outside in the shade where the breeze can cool me off and just sprayed a water hose into the breeze. That really helped, even took my breath away a couple times. Felt really good.

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What about the mildew?

by stress junkie In reply to HEAT BACKUPS

I expect that by swamp cooler you mean evaporative coolers. You should consider that when the humidity goes above 70% then people are uncomfortable at lower temperatures. If the air is dry people can be comfortable at higher temperatures. Feeling damp and hot is more miserable than feeling dry and hot.

I think that commercial property owners may need to consider adding their own electric generators to their buildings and get off the grid entirely. I'm not talking about backup generators. I mean generators that would be the primary/sole source of electricty to the building. Businesses that need electricity to run might be willing to run at a higher cost to ensure that electricity is always available. I'm usually about ten years ahead of the rest of the world so I'm guessing in ten years this will be the "new" idea in business management.

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The problem with swamp coolers

by NickNielsen In reply to HEAT BACKUPS

is, of course, that evaporative cooling does not work when the humidity rises above 70-80%. That's the primary reason they never became popular on the East coast. When it gets hot, it gets muggy!

I agree, though, that they do an outstanding job in low-humidity environments.

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That sounds good

by zlitocook In reply to HEAT BACKUPS

But the data center is in the basement really a sub basement, The secondary IDF and my servers are on the 5th floor. All windows are stationary they can not be opened.
We did get power back for the section of the city we are in, woowoo.

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