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Balanced transformation from Traditional -AGILE

By ppmstudio ·
Competitive market forces continue to impose challenging tradeoffs in the development of complex systems and products. On one hand, there is great pressure to incorporate the latest breakthroughs, on the other maintain the existing process & not to forget the budgets. This requires a balanced transformation in business culture.

Development process requires agility to improvise and exploit technology breakthrough in a cost-effective way for improving efficiency and overall cost. It demands the business processes to be adaptable to new environment or changing circumstances.

Organizations are concerned with balancing these competing requirements while determining where and how agility should be introduced to achieve a competitive advantage and/or requisite adaptability to changing circumstances.

While many of the organizations like yours have an experienced project & process governance, but changing the project management methodologies may be daunting. It is here a tool like PPM Studio ( assist your organization a smooth transition & become your most reliable project management partner.

Few Pain Points during transformation:

- Need experience in Agile practices as well as waterfall(Reviews, planning sessions, etc)

- No clarity in roles & responsibilities(for Agile from Waterfall)

- Difficult to assess the effort required for sprints who are tuned to traditional approach

- Lack of emphasis on necessary designing and documentation for AGILE

- Self organizations scrum teams - People are not used to take responsibilities

- Resistance to change in culture

- The project can easily get taken off track if the customer representative is not clear on project updates.

PPM Studio Approach:

- Automated work flow & life cycle packages with Waterfall, AGILE and Hybrid models to plan as for the organizations requirements.

- Define your roles and responsibilities at organization level and allows you to custom them at project level.

- PPM studio?s automated metrics like cost VS benefit Analysis enables the scrum masters to properly assess the effort required for completing the project with strategic value

- PPM Studio?s inbuilt and integrated documents management system helps to use and reuse the existing documents minimizing effort to re-create them.

- Product & Process training while piloting (Initial transformation phase)with defined goals

PPM Studio is fast growing Project portfolio management solution tuned to assist organization for a smooth & cost effective business transformation from waterfall project management to Agile. More information on, for product demo please e-mail us @ or register at our website.

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