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By scarsz ·
I have a 56k PVC from a remote site to my site. Compression is set on routers so as to handle GIS graphics, e-mail, file, mainframe printing, and saving files to servers at my site. Remote site is a 1 person site. Believe the circuit is shared with other agencies (users) I need to increase the bandwidth for better response time. Any suggestion? Concord stats indicate packets are being lost. BW is not sufficient for a 1 person office!

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Do your Bandwidth HW!

by rzan In reply to Bandwidth

Dont forget that not all of the bandwidth is allocated for the data alone. Some of it is used for the clocking signal (CSU/DSU), some for error correction and data compression, leaving you with maybe 10% of total bandwidth for the data. Is this a switched 56K circuit? You should also find out about the circuit itself, if this is on a frame-relay, then you and thousands of other users share this bandwidh. If this is a point to point dedicated circuit and you share it, then of course 56K is not enough. Consider upgrading to 128K ISDN, DSL, or if you have the $$$$, go to a full T-1, 1.544 Mbps.

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