Bandwidth control chaos

By aimssoft ·
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
External NIC - Connects to a router
Internal NIC - Connects to the LAN

To do:-
Bandwidth shaping by speed limitations.

Bandwidth Controller (Plain stupid)
Without assigning any rules, gives every LAN user 1/4 speed limit and if assigned, simply doesn't apply it.
Bandwidth Splitter (Does not function!)
Every client on the LAN is using the bandwidth like there is nothing controlling it and when opening the monitoring part of the software, shows nothing!

I want to control the bandwidth by a 3rd party software that actually do the job by shaping bandwidth speed limits for each LAN user.

Please provide a 3rd party software that do shape bandwidth except for those two dumb software solutions.

Help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Bandwidth control chaos

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Doesn't work!

by aimssoft In reply to Re: Bandwidth control cha ...

Thanks for your reply but as I mentioned before that Bandwidth Controller is not an option.

Please provide me with another helpful solution.

Thanks in advance.

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by rahouseholder In reply to Doesn't work!
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by retro77 In reply to Bandwidth control chaos

What are the reasons for limiting the bandwidth? If you slow it down too much, its very painful to get any work done.

Add more internet access capacity.

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