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    Bandwidth Control Software


    by kingofthenerds ·

    Hi All,

    I am after a bandwidth control software or unit. I have
    looked at packeteer and have been very impressed. I want
    something that shows what traffic is moving around your
    network, such as displaying the programs name, like kazza
    and then i need to be able to both limit the bandwidth and
    completely cut it off.

    It needs to be able to produce reports of what programs or
    items on the network are using the most bandwidth in a

    The only thing is that my budget is tight and i have been
    quote $3000 australian for packateer unit. I was hoping
    there would be a cheaper program or unit out there.

    Please give me some great ideas,


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      by rindi1 ·

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      You could try nmap. With this program you can scan the network. The problem is, it has mainly been written for linux. There you also get a Graphical frontend for it. Also, it isn’t easy to use, you will have to build up knowledge on how to use it and on how to analize the data you get. There is a command-line version for windows, but i’d recommend building a linux box.
      The good thing is, nmap (and Linux) are free and nmap is included in most bigger linux distros.

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      by kingofthenerds ·

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