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Bandwidth Management

By dilwale90 ·
How Can I Manage Or Ristrict To Users On Lan ??
is there any software for that ?? im am using Isa Server 2000 On Windows 2000 Advance Server. So Please Help Me

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by jasonn In reply to Bandwidth Management

you should look into netlimiter,

very good for restricting bandwith only problem is it needs to be installed on the local machines.

Bandwidth Priorities

IdrISAQuotaEnforcer (2.00 MB)

This is a web filter for Microsoft ISA Server Web Proxy Service that can be used to control the usage of Internet bandwidth. The tool achieve its purpose by providing bandwidth usage accounting, and a way to prevent downloads of predefined file types. A command line tool that can be scheduled to reset the accounting information from database is also provided to ease weekly/monthly maintenance.

which can be found here

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by DaedalusMgmt In reply to Bandwidth Management

There are some software options that must be installed on a PC, but you can also do it with certain LAN switches.

Cisco switches have a "storm control" function that can be applied to all types of traffic (unicast, broadcast, multicast), so you can actually supress traffic levels on a per-port basis to whatever rate you like. Normally it's done on a percentage of available bandwidth value but you can also specify a packets-per-second value if you prefer.

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