bandwidth management for small network

By rosalitac ·
I urgently need a software to manage the bandwidth on my home network. I have a wired pc and 2 wireless laptops (one is mine and the other one is my roommate) for now, but soon another wired pc is going to join the network and I want to limit his access (and eventually the second laptop too) so I don't lose too much speed on the main pc and laptop.
I don't want to install anything on the remote computers but only on the main pc to monitor the rest of the network.
I use win xp and vista with a wrt310n linksys router
thx for your help

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Not doable with software.

by seanferd In reply to bandwidth management for ...

You'd need another device, or a more advanced router (high-end) to do this. For wireless, you can adjust the data rates in Wireless - Advanced Wireless settings.

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software on clients

by rosalitac In reply to Not doable with software.

thx for the reply. ok so I can't do exactly how I planned
what software could I use if I install a small file or something on all the computers (one laptop and one pc) I want to limit, without having anything to configure on them after that (everything would be done from the main pc only after that)?

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me again

by rosalitac In reply to bandwidth management for ...

Hi. If I install a software on the remote comps so that I can manage the network from my main laptop, what would you recommend?
I need to be able to manage everything like bandwidth, visited pages... thx

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Log into your router and see if there is a QoS packet scheduler

by cpubymike In reply to bandwidth management for ...

this will allow you to limit bandwidth

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Qos config

by rosalitac In reply to Log into your router and ...

yes there is a Qos page but I'm not sure how to configure everything. Here's a print screen of it:

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Find your nodes

by cpubymike In reply to Qos config

sab it looks like.
Set the priorities for you all too high

your houseguests set them to low for all protocols.

It should work but depending on how much downloading and uploading and all that it might not be enough

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