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    Bandwidth monitor


    by dthirlway ·

    I run a peer to peer network of 20 machines going through a Dlink hardware solution internet router. Some one on the network is eating up the my download usage, I need to track who it is. is there a way I can sniff the the network and monitor it to see who it is.

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      by nz_justice ·

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      You can use this,

      If you are running IIS and have weblogs turned on just check your log files and you can find out who is doing what.

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      by chris910 ·

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      I use ethereal it is free and relativly easy to setup. However, I am not shure that you can create a monitor port on that Dlink Switch. using ethereal without it being on a monitor port will only show you broadcast/multicast traffic which may still be helpfull.

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      by lamczyknic3000 ·

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      Try using ethereal (free at It will tell you what is being sent across the network and where the packet originates from and the destination it is trying to find.

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        Really they work??

        by tuga_13 ·

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        I’m using ISA 2004 and Bandwith splitter!
        Bandwith splitter can manage bandwith speed by IP and monitors it! But it has big DISADVANTAGE! It coudn’t support for other protocol instead HTTP! it manages only HTTP! only show bandwith connection HTTP webs! doesn’t shows peer to peer networks! u know! we i’m using 30kb for webs and 60kb for P2P! it shows u using 30kb bandwith! So it coudn’t manage it! So i needed the Software wich can manage and monitor the P2P network on real time by IPs in LAN!

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