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bandwidth monitoring

By lewko98 ·
I was wondering how and what methods are used to monitor bandwidth (and protocol usage)
What are some successful setups you have come across, are they free?

Also what are some of the setups that you have used to collect and analyze syslogs?

Thanks for the time.

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bandwidth monitoring

by donthomas143 In reply to bandwidth monitoring

NetFlow or SNMP based are currently the popular monitoring technologies. Here, SNMP can just get you basic IN and OUT traffic statistics.

To see in depth reports including protocols, hosts involved, applications used and such, NetFlow is the most apt solution.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a high value for cost software available for NetFlow collection and reporting.

ManageEngine also offers syslog analysis with Firewall Analyzer.

Don Thomas Jacob

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good info

by lewko98 In reply to bandwidth monitoring

thanks for the info. I am trying out the syslog server from Kiwicat tools and netflow analyzer (solarwinds downloads), both are free and so far are doing what I need them too, but I have to find a way to parse the syslogs better.
Also tried out PRTG network montior, and its very easy to setup, and straightforward pricing. The graphing seems good, but I wish I had the option to put a network image on the background of the maps.
Will look into manage engine applications.

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about ManageEngine

by donthomas143 In reply to good info

You can try the ManageEngine OpManager and NetFlow Plug-In. Thats a good tool that combines SNMP for device monitoring and NetFlow for traffic analysis.

Don Thomas

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Building a pfsense

by Dumphrey In reply to bandwidth monitoring

box in transparent mode, or using as a gateway will give you all you need.

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*nix Incompetent

by lewko98 In reply to Building a pfsense

pfsense has the right price! but unfortunately I dont have the skill set in Non Windows platforms (something I am working on).
Question, have you run into the issue where your network conversations are hard to track because of NAT in your environment with pfsense. What I am getting at is that many netflow anlayzers do not get past a NAT, so you see all incoming conversations to your network have the endpoint as your firewall, and outgoing conversations have the endpoint of your firewall, making it difficult or close to impossible to correlate which Internal IP is communicating to what remote Ip address.
Hope I am being clear. Anyway, most netflow analyzers dont have a way around this, but I see some advertise a way to incorporate NAT from the firewall to show you true endpoint conversations. But most of them are appliances that are pricey.

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