Bandwidth Monitoring

By sabrefreak ·
I need to monitor the bandwidth use on my network (and, if possible, each user, as well) from my PC to see where the problems are.

My network is largely DHCP (so I can't track individuals by their IP since it changes frequently). With the exception of one largely unused Vista computer, everyone is XP Pro.

The router is a Linksys RV016 and connects to 2 unmanaged D-Link 24 ports (DGN series).

My chief concerns are the in/out daily/weekly/etc.. for eveyone and for the system and that I can hopefully push that data into some usable form to give to those above me (maybe an excel sheet or something). Seeing what actual sites people are visiting is secondary.

I've tried quite a few sharewares but they haven't been able to do it. I like open source software but I haven't found one that does what I need yet.

Many thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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3rd party router firmware

by Bapster In reply to Bandwidth Monitoring

Your model router may not support it, but I use Tomato firmware on a Linksys GL which has bandwidth monitoring. I am not aware of any software on the LAN side that would do that. As far as IP's, you could give each machine a statis IP, if that would help (if you don't have to many)

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have you tried....

by ---TK--- In reply to Bandwidth Monitoring

Untangle. My friend has been pushing me to use it, but I monitor/handle everything on my personal LAN with a custom Linux set up. It might be what your looking for.

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by sabrefreak In reply to have you tried....

for some reason I never got notified of the responses. whatever.
anyways - triied out untangle over the past couple days and it seems to be pretty ideal. we're going to see how it works for the next few weeks or so.

many thanks.

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