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Bandwidth Overhead Assc Wireless Sec

By DRiv ·
Does anyone have any 'real' world experience with the different implementations of utilizing wireless security and the bandwidth consumed for the overhead? Additionally if connection is more unstable / packet retransmissions, etc. WEP,WifI,WPA... Plan on using 54Mbps(g) Thanks for your help in advance.

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by OTL In reply to Bandwidth Overhead Assc W ...

Mainly just an FYI - Running just a dial up with 128 bit encryption and no noticable difference is speed, wireless would probably perform the same to the server/router. Will see a marked difference with unstable connection.

Must ask what is connectio between the server/router/other routers, if 1.544 or under customers/employees may not see a difference.

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by DRiv In reply to

Thanks for the FYI on the dial-up. Appreciate it. Good comment on the main link possibly being the real bottleneck - only issue these will be straight to router & server.

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by Greybeard770 In reply to Bandwidth Overhead Assc W ...

Wireless is terrible with overhead by design. You can expect around 33% throughput on a perfect link. That means around 17Mb on your 54Mb equipment if you are close and lucky. That drops quickly as you get further away or go through obstructions. Encryption considerations really dont relate to the stability of the link. Turning off encryption will increase your throughput but not the link speed. USE ENCRYPTION. The people at NetGear say 128 bit WEP is not twice as secure as 64 bit but it does double the overhead of the encryption. 802.11g is a good choice. Disable support for 802.11b on it if possible. Running in 802.11b - 802.11g combined mode is not a good thing. Good Luck.

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by DRiv In reply to

Thanks for the info. Know all this however. Was looking for real life implementation with results. If you have any please submit.

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