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Bandwidth Problem in our office

By draco04red ·
We have 10 computers on our office and we are consuming 23GB or more last week where mostly we are just using the internet for emails and browsing. We had an IP replacement as requested by our ISP, but still. As I opened my Norton Security Network map, it showed me our local computers plus hundreds of devices on our network that I don't know which runs on a 10.1.xx.xx range where our IP addresses are on the 192.168.xx.xx range. Does this mean we are being hacked?

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Got wireless?

by robo_dev In reply to Bandwidth Problem in our ...

If you unplug your internet router from the internet, do you still see the 10.1.x.x devices?

Can you ping one of these 10.1.x.x devices?

My first guess is that one of the PCs has some peer-to-peer (P2P) software such as BearShare or Limewire.

The other possibility is that one or more PCs are 'Zombie Bots'. However, unless they are actively participating in DOS attacks, they would not generate that much traffic.

And finally, it's possible that a PC or serve r is totally compromised and is serving up warez, porn, or even as a phishing web server.

What kind of router/direwall do you have?

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All wired...

by draco04red In reply to Got wireless?

Even if unplugged, i can still see those 10.1.x.x devices. Can't ping them even if they're online. We just installed a router/firewall last week and that didn't fixed the problem. We're using a Fortigate 50B. How do i get rid of this phishing? We have a database server on our network running win2000 and has norton installed on it. Im trying to put everything on the domain now as we currently a p2p setup.


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