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Bandwidth requirments for WAN

By GBlaze ·
We are looking to upgrade our WAN links, I would like to find some methodology to determine bandwidth requirements. I know it may sound easy but it isn't, we have 4000+ clients in regional sites using various software as well as accessing the internet through the WAN. We need to determine the best way to go about finding this information out. Can anyone recommend a FAQ or article that could assist us in determining the requirments to upgrade?


Greg Balaze
LAN Engineer
State of Georgia

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The beginning

by RCC In reply to Bandwidth requirments for ...

I'd suggest you make a list of OS's, clients and protocols used. Than you need some traffic analysis. If you have been responsible for this job in the past 6 months, you should have set-up bandwidth usage data collection in order to predict the increase in bandwidth usage. 4000+ clients looks like a serious job and if you do not constantly monitor the traffic, something is not right.
You really need to provide more information if you expect a pertinent response.


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Your right, but not that easy

by GBlaze In reply to The beginning

Your right Radu, and thanks for replying. We have a very stnadardize network, everyone is on Win95/98 all servers are NW 4.11 SP6 protocols are NWIP/IPX/TCPIP. Now what I'm trying to determine is the best methodolgy to approach our Director. It isn't so much needing to know how many users will be using the network but mostly the applications that are going to be used. We do hope to add on 16000 more users, if we can win the GTA over.

Thanks again,

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