Banging my head over Symantec image boot DVD !!

By jparks ·
I have a legacy PC image created and need to create a bootable DVD to install the image on these systems in our dept. .
The image is good, but for the life of me I cannot seem to get this bootable DVD created.
My DVD burner is on my Dell GX745, and I have tried several times to get this done and am running out of DVD's to use ! :)
Can anyone...PLEASE take the time and patience to step me thru this ? I will be your slave in the afterlife !!

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Program name & version, please.

by Absolutely In reply to Banging my head over Syma ...

Symantec makes a lot of programs, and although the various iterations of Ghost work similarly, they aren't identical. Also, you could be talking about BackupExec or LiveState System Recovery for all I know.

When you provide enough information to know that I can solve your problem, we'll discuss where you sign in blood!

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Symantec app version

by jparks In reply to Program name & version, p ...

That would be Symantec Ghost Enterprise Edition version - the lates....Don't know if it's the greatest.
I have my pen ready :) I tried several methods today, and the closest I got to was using a boot floppy created, then trying to load "From Image" off the DVD. The image has been copied to the DVD via Roxio.
My DVD burner is on my desk system, and the systems I am needing to image are all over the building. I created the image by using "disk to disk" and saved it to a second drive I temporarily put on the "template" system. It's a beautiful image, I just can't get it to install from a bootable DVD
Thanks for your time and response.

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i think we want your Roxio version...

by sgt_shultz In reply to Symantec app version

this is an issue with your burning software, not Ghost, imho. what version roxio? what is your error message? (what happens when you try to boot your dvd?)

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Is there a bootable 'recovery' disk?

by Absolutely In reply to Symantec app version

If so, does it work?

I know your image isn't getting deployed, but not what is happening. Step by step, please.

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Not Sure But...

by rkuhn In reply to Banging my head over Syma ...

I have a bootable CD I created sort of meshing Linux with the Ghost .exe file.

I have no reason to suspect that altering a few lines in the autorun.bat couldn't do what you want to do.

Right now, I hide a partition on all our PC's, store an image there, and when a PC gets all jiggy with me, I slip in the CD and I'm off to the races, restoring from the hidden partition.

The only kicker would be including a generic enough driver for the DVD portion to work.

With CD's, it's pretty easy. There are numerous generic, all purpose drivers out there that will get just about any make, model, brand CD drive working. Not sure about DVD drives.

Otherwise, the concept is the same.

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making a bootable CD / DVD

by k_chatterjee In reply to Banging my head over Syma ...

Hi Joannie,
you can make a bootable CD/DVD by using NERO or Roxio [ say, ver 7 basic]
just add all the files of the ghost image then add old DOS ghost , mouse and other things of win98S starter floppy .
set this as 'mouse config'

then write a batch file and name it 'resq'

then burn these with above mentioned items
when burning indicate that it will be a bootable media... the nero / roxio asks for a image ..... for this put a bootable win98SE floppy in the drive and indicate it as the boot image .

first try it with a RW media.
I have done it this it works.

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