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Bar Code Readers Caution

By Alotalota ·
I attended a free seminar where bar code readers
were used to read name tags which were in plastic
holders. I questioned the safety of using the
infrared beam where reflections could reach a persons eye. I was assured that it was safe. I kept my eyes closed anyway, except for when they scanned others tags.

The beam may not due lasting damage to the eye, however, it is my belief that temporary problems may exist. The eyes have cones which can become saturated by color. When this happens, colors are distored. If one looks at red long enough to saturate the cones, there could be difficulty in seeing green, or red properly.

The readers used in this instance used a light that was not constant, I think. So the affects may have been even more difficult to identify, yet may still have altered color vision.

I am not an expert in this area, yet I have had some personal experence with color vision alteration due to saturated cones from light. The problem is usually temporary (time unknown)- depending on the person's ability to adjust back to whatever is normal color vision for them.

Just wanted to caution everyone on the use of such devices. I am sure no one would intentionally try to distort someones color vision, yet such devices can and do achieve this. Some problems may be that a red light appears green, or a green light red, or other odd color changes depending on the color of this light and the intensity.

Please check this out more foryourself, but NOT by shinning infrred lights in the eyes of people.
Do some reading and check with some optics people.


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