Barcode Scanners

By belphera ·
I have two usb wasp barcode scanners. I would like the action of barcode scan to be an event captured by a Windows PC and processed by a customized application. My dilemma is the fact that windows does not differentiate the barcode scan from keyboard inputs. Any suggestions to my issue?


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You have to be running a Barcode Utility first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Barcode Scanners

Otherwise you could say the same thing about a USB Camera.

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I've used previous wasp barcode apps...

by belphera In reply to Barcode Scanners

....but for this implementation, we want to develop a custom app that will perform a process when a barcode is scanned. the problem is how does the computer know that the barcode scan is not just a keyboard input.

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That is the Drivers job

by IC-IT In reply to I've used previous wasp b ...
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Simple: program the barcode device to prepend a unique string

by robo_dev In reply to I've used previous wasp b ...

most devices let you do that.

It's no different than the app recognizing a key sequence.... I've seen instances where you prepend a ctrl-B or Tilde ~ in the barcode device, then the app knows to expect barcode data.

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