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By Jimmy 351 ·
I have worked as an independent technician for a few months. I have been pleased with everything. I noticed on here that people were slamming this company for non pay, but I have been paid in a timely fashion. As an independent technician in this economy, it can be hard to find work. I am grateful for any work that gets sent my way.

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Yes it is work but the company does not deal fair

by msgurutech In reply to Barrister Global Services ...

I too have had a few jobs through Barrister. But is is terrible and embarrassing to be sent out on a call.

1) We have to call Barrister when on site. If the part is wrong we have to talk to tech support to get a different one ordered. Wait time is usually 30 minutes plus. Last time i called the account manager and she put me on with support after 8 more minutes.
2) Field techs are responsible for parts. But on some jobs we can not take them off site and we have to leave them for the business to sent back in. So again, after waiting on hold for 45 minutes we then have to label up to 10 packages at the location and then leave the parts after calling in for a pickup to UPS of FEDEX which takes up to 15 minutes.
3)Payment is SLOW! I did not receive my first check for better than 10 months. I told them that I quit after 4 months and would no longer accept jobs. They called me another 5 times and I told each account rep that since I had not been paid I would not work for them again. Payment is supposed to take place within 30 days. My last job it has been 45 days with no word. I was underpaid for a job in Jan (their mistake) and did not get it fixed until April even though I went through their pay issues procedure. THEY ONLY HAVE ONE PAY TECH FOR THE WHOLE COMPANY. IT IS NOT ANGEL'S FAULT. But if you pay them 20% of your bills, they promise to pay you quicker.
4)In all correspondence (email or otherwise) and interaction with account reps it is obvious that they REALLY have no idea how to run the company they have. They need people desperately and advertise for techs on Craigslist (even in areas that they have techs that have little work). Turnover on accounts is high and you have to tell someone new each month what areas you cover and for how much.
5) Who do they service?
a.The government (Senate offices, Social Security Admin offices, desktops on military posts)
b.State Farm offices (they have a huge
c. HP and Compaq warranties
d. Office Depot extended warranties
e. Emachines and Asus
f. Printer companies such as Samsung, etc
6). Barrister is ripe for a class action lawsuit. I found these pages looking for their report on the Better Business Bureau.

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How has Barrister stayed in business for so long?

by themattj In reply to Barrister Global Services ...

My comment to Jimmy351 is this: PLEASE, I beg you, PLEASE, do not accept "work" when it stands to lose you money in the long run. If you are new to this field, as so many seem to be, you need to look at the true costs of being an independent technician. First, you need to cut every, single job rate in HALF in your head, up front, to cover taxes. You are self-employed, now, even if you have another job. ALL of the work you do as a contractor is subject to self-employment tax, which is MUCH higher than you are used to calculating. As a rule, just put half up for taxes.

So, when Barrister offers you an em-Barrister-ing $35 per job for any given work order, TURN IT DOWN!!! If you allow this rape of our workforce, you will NEVER get ahead and will ALWAYS be underpaid. Give this careful consideration! $35 per job means $35, even if the job takes you four hours to complete. The rep assures you it will take less than an hour, but she has never had to fill out the paperwork, note the tickets, call the support line, wait on hold for over an hour, close the ticket, upload the documents, wait for the approval of the documents, upload them again because they were deleted, close the ticket again because they needed more information that they didn't ask for the first time, and then spend day after day prodding them to pay you. In all, I have spent an average of 4 hours, EACH, to complete a Barrister work order. I fought for top dollar, which paid just $55. Now take tax out, $27.50. Now, gas, $22. Now, divide by 4 hours, that's $5.50 an hour!!!

You are right, Jimmy, there isn't a whole lot of work out there, but they are making a fortune off of you, so don't sell yourself short. I work for dozens of contract companies everyday, and they all can afford to pay $50 to $100 per hour for skilled, experienced technicians. I make that and more on EVERY job! And I have been for TEN YEARS! The pay has been getting worse and worse, because young, ignorant (no offense, really) technicians, who don't realize what they are worth and think they won't get work if they don't low-ball, keep letting companies like Barrister rip us off. They bill between $75 and $250 per HOUR, not per job. So you can and SHOULD require much better pay. SHAME on Barrister for trying to take advantage of people! But shame on you, too, for letting them.

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So, which ones are the good ones?

by enginerd In reply to How has Barrister stayed ...

Matt, you mention working for other contract companies. Which ones? I'm interested in contracting with a company to provide on-site support for our electronic products and I'd like to make sure that I work with one that's going to send satisfied, happy technicians to my customer's locations.

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