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    BartPE and two hard drives


    by ryan_cl ·

    I am having trouble getting bartpe to boot off of a partition on a second hard drive. The computers are Dell Precision 380’s with dual maxtor 250GB drives. The setup is as follows:

    C partition drive 0 – 30GB
    D partition drive 2 – 250GB

    I would like to install bartpe to the D partition and then be able to boot to that partition. The partition is set to active and should therefore be bootable, but I cannot seem to set the right parameters in the boot.ini. I can disable disk 0 in which case the computer will boot to disk 2 which has bartpe on it.

    Could you help me with the boot.ini? This is using PE builder for bartpe.



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      Reply To: BartPE and two hard drives

      by wcp ·

      In reply to BartPE and two hard drives

      I am not a Linux person but I?d like you to consider Freespire from as an alternative to BART PE. You can download it as an ISO file. You may use Nero or Roxio to make it a bootable CD/DVD. You then boot from the CD/DVD and install Freespire in a second partition or HD as an option. From then on, you get a startup menu from which you can choose Freespire, Windows, Diagnostics, and a few others.

      I installed it without any problem and I did not have to install any drivers! (I had to install Intel NIC driver on Windows XP!).

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