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By cursorlinks ·
Hi i have just got 20 computers and i need to setup a network all accessing to a server i later intend to have setup.

Could someone please help me on how i could programm a server that will act as my internet server in detail so i could have the cake baking.

i already have the DSL Modem and the Hubs(switches) what else do you think and need?

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by Ewai In reply to basic networking

Depends on your budget really. What do you want to acheive? Are you simply looking to connect the 20 machines to the internet using some form of connection sharing or are you intending to have file/print sharing on the server? Are you going to buy a server OS for this?
If it's just internet sharing your after an XP box would do most of that for you. Alternatively you could get something like Smoothwall and have it sit on the network dealing with all internet traffic.

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my budget

by cursorlinks In reply to Budget

Regardless of my intended budget tell me more about smoothwall.

I have a relation of mine funding the equipment and well just need to detail the required and acquire.

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More Education

by microtechcomputer In reply to basic networking

I think you need more education. Most of us on here had to pay for ours with money and countless classroom hours. I don't think its fair of you to be asking for detailed information on how to setup a complete internet server. Go to school or at least buy a book.

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Who pissed on your cheerios>!

by radiic In reply to More Education

Wow what a slam. I can see your point about not wanting to help the poor guy, because you had to do it the hard way(school of hard knocks) like alot of us have, But man cut the guy a little slack. Its not like he asked you do a visio diagram for him and design his network. He is just tyring to avoid some of the painful mistakes that all of us have made and survived.

Anyways- You do need sit down and ponder what it is you have been asked to do. Questions, hundreds of them start to pop in my mind, just reading your question. You need to define what it is you have been asked to accomplish, but also you need to consider what is in the future to accomplish too. And how best your current design will help/hinder that. If you could give us some more to work with, we can point you in the right direction.

Good luck on the path you have choosen. Many of us started our way down it, but have not made it to the end, it seems that there are new bricks everyday, and the path just keeps getting longer


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i got more education

by cursorlinks In reply to More Education

Thankx for the advise but i already have more education i thought i get advise from the discussion center.

Additionally i am proud to say i have practicle knowledge of MCSE, N+ etc and resources just seemed to slow down my certification process (exam fees)

thanx again for the advise

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Much more education

by JimHM In reply to basic networking

Before venturing into the open and wild wild west of the Internet, where if you're not packing and education you will be crashed like a soad tin - on a freeway...

What OS is the server going to be based on Windows 2002/2003? - Linux -

What is the server going to do? File sharing - Application - Web services (HTML server, email server, java server, proxy services) - (This will determine how much memory and processors you will need, or will you need two to four machines) ..

It's not like setting up a home network ... get some education at the sametime .. read ...

You need to provide much much more information before anyone here could give you an educated guess...

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i have a home network

by cursorlinks In reply to Much more education

Thanx, i have a small network running right now using windows 2000 and planning to upgrade to 2003.

My friend runs a linux server also and i helped him setit up.

i wanted info on new equipment like microsfts networking broadband system (4port) and others.

Technology of that sought is limited in Zambia and i wish to create a state of art

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You certainly have some research to do

by maxwell edison In reply to basic networking

And it's probably too much information to post in these threads.

But in a nutshell, these are your concerns:

Server: PDC (Primary Domain Controller) Windows 2000 Server operating system. Used for file and print sharing. Have your operating system on one drive and the shared files on a second drive. Add users and computers at the server. Read up on Active Directory.

Server BDC (Backup domain Controller) Not absolutely necessary, but absolutely necessary - if you know what I mean. Backup is the key word here.

20 Computers (clients) I prefer Windows 2000 Professional over Windows XP, but they'll be varying opinions in this regard. Nonetheless, they log into the Domain (log into the server) where group policies, passwords, etc. are established. More reading (for you) required here.

Internet access - Don't use the server for an Internet server. Buy a Router - a firewall/vpn router. Linksys has one (BEFVP41) for around $175. It's very user friendly, good documentation and tutorials can be found on-line, decent customer support, etc. The router plugs into the switch (or hub) just like the rest of the computers. Direct the computers to the router internal IP address as the Internet gateway.

Caution: Both the router and the server will be setup as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server to automatically assign IP addresses to the network clients. Only one DHCP server is allowed per network, so one has to be disabled. I disable the router's DHCP. (In a small network, you may want to manually assign IP addresses, but it's almost a matter of personal preference.)

That's a start.

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I meant to say

by maxwell edison In reply to You certainly have some r ...

Both the router and the server will be setup - BY DEFAULT - as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server which will automatically assign IP addresses to the network clients. Only one DHCP server is allowed per network, so one has to be disabled. So you'll have to change the default settings of one or the other.

Do you have a basic networking book (books). Look for ones by Mark Minasis. He has some good, easy to read and understand books.

REMOVE SPACES from the pasted URL.

(I'm not recommending that site, but it will show you the books you may want to consider. Try ebay to get the books at reasonable prices.)

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Need more info

by klikklikcomputers In reply to basic networking

Hey if you wish I can assist send me an email. Do you have msn aol or yahoo messenger I can literaly walk you throughthe steps. Its no prob, see when I need help with something I know the walk through process goes best. So for the times I have been helped I really do appreciate it and would like to return the favor to someone that needs the help. email me and put as the subject HELP WITH NETWORK 20 just as is. I scan through and delete if the email is not known.

Best of luck until then.

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