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Basic Worksheet Template Needed

By Aaron A Baker ·
Friends, This may seem silly but it's a problem for me.
I am a home Tech. I go to many different homes, house and small businesses to repair, organize and generally straighten out their Computers. I also do data back ups etc.
My one problem is that no matter how I try, I can't seem to come up with a "Standard form" or template, upon which to write my reports and total the prices. I've tried all kinds of methods and none are very satisfying. They either come out looking like something out of Star Wars, of the other end of the scale Kindergarten. I tried using MS Access, guess what, it wasn't accessible. :) All I got was a non-professional mess.
I'm looking to put something together that will look somewhat professional without seeming outlandish. On this form I could include the usual, such as Client name, Computer info, Problems Found, Work Done, etc.
I hope that you might have some ideas. All I want is something plain, simple and to the point and I can't seem to come up with one. Hoping can help me or perhaps advise me as to where to go to get Templates? IF there are such things.
Thank you in advance

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MS Office templates?

by NI70 In reply to Basic Worksheet Template ...
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Did those templates help?

by NI70 In reply to Basic Worksheet Template ...


Was wondering is any of the templates that I linked to worked? If not, what version of MS Access are you using? I could probably come up with something for you in MS Access. Send me a private message if you'd like something created in MS Access.

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Computer Service Forms.

by SiteTech In reply to Basic Worksheet Template ...

I hope that this post is not too self serving. I operate and we have professional computer service forms for just the uses you have described.

These forms were designed intially for my personal use as an independant technician because I could not locate anything that suited my needs.

Take a look... I am sure that you will like what you see.

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