Batch File Authentication

By natasha.wirth ·
I'm trying to create a batch file for some users to map to a share on a pc residing on the network. I've got this so far but its still not mapping the darn drive

net use f: \\pcname\Restored Data\Restored Data /user:administrator password

Can anyone help pls? It's really annoying, cheers

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Are you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Batch File Authentication

in a workgroup or on a file server? it looks like you are trying to map Restored Data. Being from the old school i like to stick to short file names. The easiest way to do this is to logon to the file server and and share the folder that you want to use as Resdata. On the permissions tab add the users that will access the share with appropriate permissions.
net use F: \\fileserver\resdata

In a workgroup
Net use F: \\pcname\resdata * /user:workgroup\administrator

This will prompt the user for a password.

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