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Batch File Notification?

By BorgInva ·
I have a batch file accessing a (readonly) FTP account and downloading files via an ftp.txt script.

Is there a real simple way of making this batch, or have it access another file, to send me (email or another FTP folder) a log file of what IP address, and maybe the computer name, that is accessing the FTP script?

Please assume that the PCs do not have any of the files from some M$ Resource disk/CD, if those are the files to be used. So if another way can be done, I would prefer that. If not, let me see what we can do with your resourced files.

Please be aware, I do not know much batch talk. I can make simple batches, but if you tell me to "make sure the if statement is looking at the %1% folder", I will have no idea what that means. Last time I used in my file a %, it deleted several files under C\.

Thank you.

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