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batch file switches

By drroberts ·

I am running a batch file that will allow users to have necessary printers and network drives mapped for them,i placed the batch files in the all users start up folder(windows 2000).There are 2 workstations with multiple users and i only want the batch file to run once at log-in for each user.
Any help would be apreciated.

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by je27 In reply to batch file switches

I have a good bit of experience with batch and login scripts, and may be able to help. But, I'm not sure what your question/problem is. Sounds like you already have the batch file written... what switches are you looking for?

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by je27 In reply to

Based on the way it sounds like you have it setup, I don't think so. Putting a file in the startup folder will execute the file each time windows starts. If this is a domain you could set the batch as a login script and then just rename it after your conviced it has been ran on all your machines. However, if you are just using it to map network drives and print shares it won't hurt to have it run each time. But, I'd suggest using the net use delete command at the top of the script to remove the drive mappings before they are mapped again at the bottom. If you are using the batch file to silently install software it generally does no harm for the silent install to run more than once either because it is invisible to the user anyway. Not sure if any of this will help. Keep feeding your config info and Im sure one of us can help you.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to batch file switches

I agree, what you are asking about is not clear.
Are you running a Domain, or are these worksgroup machines? Domain user accounts, or local accounts?
Did you try putting your BAT file in the logon script entry for the user accounts? Or, are you running Group Policy?
Questions, questions.

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by drroberts In reply to batch file switches

I am running a batch file and I only want it to run one time, is there a switch or something that will make it run once. Placing this file in all users start up folder makes it run every time someone logs on to the machine, i dont want it to run at each log on more than once.

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