Batch file to authorize a passkey of bluetooth phone

By outofhand ·
hi all.

i might be going about this the wrong way, but this seemed logical to me at the moment. my scenario is this :

i have a Ad2hand software installed. Bluetooth Advertising software.

the Program works well on all handsets Except Blackberry's .

the issue is :
in order to receive a file from the Program ( i have tried many others - same issue)
you must go to (Media)-(pictures)-Menu-(receive via bluetooth)

and the phone goes to (waiting for bluetooth device)...
it receives a request from the program and the blackberry displays
"enter passkey to connect to PC"

i input "0000" 4zero's as its in the software.
and what happens then is ,

i get a stupid POP up bubble by the tray (near the time) saying " a device wants to connect to PC, click here to Authenticate )

so i have to manually Click the bubble and input "0000"

then the software sends the pictures to the blackberry device.

MY solution :
i might be wrong with the idea, but i was looking around for a way maybe to make a Batch file to automattically run every time a connection is received to insert "0000" in the background, so i dont have to be infront of the PC to always Accept incoming connections ...
maybe im looking at this the wrong way?

Id really appreciate someone's help on this .

i contacted the vendors. and they seem to be clueless to how to solve the issue ..
many thanks if someone can assist me.

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This would leave your security....

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Batch file to authorize a ...

laid bare and at the will of whomever desired to connect. I personally, am relieved to find that you had so little success in solving this issue.

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Some additional thoughts...

by TobiF In reply to This would leave your sec ...

I agree with Billy that such a script directly stuck on top of the standard bluetooth functionality of a PC could be dangerous.

You'd need to set up a bluetooth stack, where you limit the services offered to the only one you need and then streamline it as much as desired. But that would be a bit more than merely scripting.

The most aggressive thing I've seen in this way (By the way, in my eyes it's <b>too</b> aggressive) was an application that automatically tries to connect to any bluetooth device it sees pass by in order to send over a file. (I've seen this in a shopping mall here in Dubai 4 years ago. (I believe the shop finally got enough feedback to stop this intrusive behaviour.)

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by robo_dev In reply to This would leave your sec ...

For a program to be able to bypass authentication is like a $1000 lock with the key under the mat, a submarine with a screen door, a.....

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not really unsecure

by outofhand In reply to This would leave your sec ...

well, the PC would not be unsecure, the only thing that can be done is Phone can receive file's like AMR's 3gp's and JPG's. nothing else. the pc would not be discoverable, only sending packets.

i have tried with AutoIT. not bad , but i cant seem to find a code to automate ... controlclick "system_ballon tray" (thats the one saying, to activate this device, click here" that opens "add a bluetooth wizard passkey section. from there its simple ..

but cant get it to automatically click the ballon that comes up on system tray

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Have you tried WinBatch?

by robo_dev In reply to not really unsecure

I have found that if I cannot accomplish a task with a batch file, VBScript or WScript, that Winbatch can generally get the job done.

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