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Battery Backup Power Solution

By techead ·
I am trying to design a power backup solution for a four workstation computer lab I administer. It is part of an eleven workstation domain running Win2k3 Server. Wall outlets are limited. Are there single Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)out there with enough capacity to handle the battery backup power needs of ALL FOUR workstations. If so, what "workstation vs. UPS" specs do I need to look for? Any suggestions on brand name?

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If you don't include the monitors ...

by stress junkie In reply to Battery Backup Power Solu ...

... then an 1800 VA capacity UPS should work. If the power DID go out then you could use a single LCD monitor to run the servers by changing out the monitor cable between the machines. I think that all you really need to do is to ensure that the computers don't lose power; their monitors don't have to be protected from power loss.

I tried an APC UPS. I didn't like it. The thing was not interactive so it had a switching time when it needed to do its work. It also puts out a square wave. I think that's bad because of the harmonics. Your computer power supply may or may not like square waves coming in the power main.

I am now using a TrippLite interactve UPS. The UPS circuit is always active so there is no switching time when it needs to do something. Also, the TrippLite UPS / line conditioner puts out a sine wave to the computers. Sweet.

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APC and Tripp-Lite

by Tink! In reply to Battery Backup Power Solu ...

We currently use an APC on our server. But for our 5 workstations we use individual Tripp-Lite Internet Office UPS 300's. As far as wall-outlets you'd use them in place of your current plugs/strips so there isn't a need for extra outlets. The UPS has 3 Battery Backed outlets and 3 non-battery backed, but still surge protected outlets...including 1 transformer outlet. Works nicely for a workstation that doesn't have a ton of extra external peripherals or appliances.

Wanted to add that the APC came with a software that allows monitoring of the UPS as well as adjusting all the individual time/shutoff/alert options.

And Tripp-Lite has excellent customer service. When our old Tripp-lite batteries died, we just have to use the Express Exchange program through Tripp-Lite and got the new ones for about 1/2 price.


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