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Battery Life/Battery Memory

By SCBariTone ·

with a colleague. He asked the following: "Do Lead Acid Batteries have Memory effect? I havea not so new full size VHS camcorder (RCA). These 40 lb batteries don't hold a charge any more, or can it be the re-charger? one of the batteries is almost new."

Any ideas?

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Lead acid battery life.

by GenNews In reply to Battery Life/Battery Memo ...

Lead acid batteries typically do not have a memory but will collect salts down at the bottom of the wet cell version which is why a gap is left between the bottom of the plates and the bottom of the actuall cell. If the salts build up to the platesthe cell will generally short circuit and be no good. Another form of lead acid cell involves a saturated material between each plate wound in a spiral similar to a dry cell. This battery can be mounted in any position and does not typically have the salt buildup problem. All lead acid batteries are rechargable but just like a car battery they eventually fail to take a charge. There should be some articles available through some of the search engines since they are commonly used in the communications industry, telco's etc., to carry the office over to the generator during a power failure.


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Lead acid battery life

by GenNews In reply to Lead acid battery life.

I should also add that some commercial rechargers have the ability to pulse the battery in a manner that can, at times, restore an older battery that is reluctant to take a charge. They do not come back 100% but can get you past an emergance.


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