Battery Not Charging, any help?

By marcoucon ·
I have a sony vaio VGN-CR490 and the battery is not charging.
the battery model is VGP-BPS9/S I tried installing the bps9 software but it does not work either. The laptop is currently running Windows Vista Business.
Can anyone hepl?thanks

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Depends on how old the battery is here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Battery Not Charging, any ...

If it is between 12 to 18 months or more it may be in need of replacement. NB Batteries do not last forever and the less that they are used the shorter it is that they last.

So if you constantly run your NB on Mains Power through the Mains Adapter the battery will not last as long as it would if you used the NB on Battery Power quite often.

The other easy possibility here is that the Mains Adapter is not producing the required Voltage or Current and is incapable of charging the battery.

The nasty issue here is that the Power Converter on the M'Board has failed and either is not producing enough Voltage/Current to charge the battery or the link to the battery has failed completely and there is no power reaching it though the NB will run off the Mains Adapter.

of course if the NB is not running at all the M'Board, or Mains Adapter has failed completely and has gone to Silicon Heaven.

It is also possible that the Power Jack on the NB that you plug the Mains Adapter into has broken, these can pull off the M'Board and not pass any power on if the NB is often packed away with the Mains Adapter left in the NB or the NB is pushed against solid objects when running on Mains Power.


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Silicon Heaven?

by NexS In reply to Depends on how old the ba ...


maybe the little Vaio will meet Kryton!

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Not sure that Kryton

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Silicon Heaven?

Is there yet.

But there are lots of Toasters that it could get to know.


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by NexS In reply to Not sure that Kryton

Specifically that bloody singing one that Lister destroyed out of sheer frustration..

...The memories...

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the battery is brand new

by marcoucon In reply to true...

the battery is not even used
it is brand new
basicly what i understood is that i need to update the Bios.
but the bios update utility exe i found on sony support website does not work
can anyone help?

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new battery

by Sue T In reply to the battery is brand new

is the battery in the laptop correctly? Is it the right battery for your laptop? Also, if you just purchased it and it doesn't work you should take it back and ask for a replacement. It is possible there is something wrong with the battery.

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Ditto on SueT's suggestion take it back get another one

by CG IT In reply to new battery
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Well if the battery is new

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Battery Not Charging, any ...

You need to look at the NB itself or the Mains Adapter.

As for Flashing the BIOS you need to visit the Sony Site and download the Utility that generally works in DOS not Windows. You make a Boot Media which depending on the NB itself can be a Optical Disc or a USB Thumb Drive and enter the BIOS to change the Boot Order.

Then insert your newly made Boot Device/Media allow the system to boot off that Media then when you get the A Prompt use the CD Command to change tot he Directory that you have the BIOS Flash Utility in and run the Exe File. There may be a Bin File as well which you need to follow the directions on the Sony Web Site to enter the correct Command String to Flash the BIOS.

Important you must read & understand the warnings here as well. If the system hangs/falls over during the Flash it will be useless and at the very least you'll need to replace the M'Board in this Vaio which is neither cheap or easy. You should have a working Mains Backup Device running here just in case of a Power Outage at a Critical Time which can destroy the NB.


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